WOV Inspections

UPDATED 11/10/23

Bert Bennett Panel Centre is licensed to carry out written off vehicle inspections,

The cost for the examination is $300, that is payable at the start of each inspection, and is payable whether you pass or fail.

We will require the following:

  • original receipt for the vehicle purchase
  • original receipts for the purchase of major components (panels; suspension item; electrical items etc.),
  • original receipts for the repair, labour and
  • photographic evidence, (Auction images) IN COLOUR, before the vehicle is repaired, and of the repair taken throughout the repair process.

The parts receipts must adhere to Australian Tax Office requirements for a GST compliant receipt and must include:

  • Name, address and ABN, ACN of the business that sold the parts.
  • Date of purchase.
  • Purchase price and note whether inclusive or exclusive of GST.
  • Description of parts/component/s.
  • Second-hand parts require the VIN of the donor vehicle, name and driver licence number of the seller recorded on the receipt.

Obtain original receipts for the repair of the vehicle. The receipt/s must adhere to Australian Tax Office requirements for a GST compliant receipt and must include:

  • Name and address of the person/business that repaired the damaged vehicle.
  • The ABN, ACN of the business that repaired the damaged vehicle.
  • Date of repairs.
  • Name and address of owner of damaged vehicle.
  • VIN of vehicle being repaired.
  • All repairs and replacement parts undertaken in the repair.
  • List, individually, the parts supplied by repairer and parts supplied by customer on the Major Component/Panel Form.
  • Where the repair required the repairing or replacement of airbag/s, or fitment with any form of Supplemental Restraint System, a report from an accredited agent/dealer that the system is complete and operational is required. The report must include all vehicle details i.e.: make, model and VIN and date of repair.

We also need to see your current driver's license, NOT photo copy, or a photo on your phone

NOTE: Should any of the above requirements not be presented, the examination cannot proceed.

If you have any questions, please contact our office on 08 9444 4130.